Attention / Focus / Performance

Many families are looking to alternative methods for aiding the attention, focus and processing issues found in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). To help alleviate these pervasive concerns, Learning Strategies offers several supplemental programs to enhance day to day success.

BrainWare Safari® is a computer-based program designed to build focused behavior as well as developing critical thinking skills through a series of computer games. By use of various exercises garnered to maximize speed, memory, attention, executive functions, auditory processing and visual-spatial functions, we can cultivate improved problem-solving skills. Individuals who complete BrainWare Safari® can expect improved attention and focus, reduction in careless errors, and an improved ability to understand and follow instructions. This program is not just for children! The challenges presented are beneficial for all ages.

BrainWare Safari® has proven to be a vital tool in success with our reading comprehension program. Students who participate with BrainWare in conjunction with the Lindamood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing®* program actually complete the program faster than those who don’t participate in BrainWare. BrainWare can give us a very clear picture of the areas we need to focus on making our work more precise.

Balametrics® is a proven physical activity program to enhance general brain function. Through these exercises individual difficulties regarding attention, focus, sequencing, planning, processing speed and multitasking skills can all be noticeably improved.

Transform your learning challenges into learning opportunities.

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