Expressive Language Oral / Written

An individual’s inability to communicate clearly can prove extremely frustrating. It impacts communication in school and in the workplace. It can result in poor test grades or poor performance in one’s career. Expressive language challenges are often the result of comprehension and/or processing speed issues.

Being able to organize thought and then expressing it is the goal when utilizing the Lindamood-Bell® Visualizing and Verbalizing Program®*. “Training the brain” to image information is the beginning focus. Then taking those images, organize them in a format that allows for effective expression of knowledge, ideas and thoughts through oral and written communication.

“After working with Lynn online, utilizing the Visualizing and Verbalizing program, my daughter’s reading and writing skills have improved significantly. The fact that we could do this online was an immeasurable value to us. Lynn is great! Lynn online is even better!!”

Stacy and Elizabeth, Florida

Let Learning Strategies’ help you discover your strengths in expressive language.

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