How We Differ from Sylvan Learning Centers

Learning struggles can manifest in many forms.  Initially the inclination is to seek tutoring and centers like Sylvan Learning Centers offer a venue that serves many individuals well.  While tutoring providers often prove effective for students who require supplemental academic support, they generally focus on the re-teaching of a specific subject not the strategies required to manage a learning struggle.  When tutoring is utilized and success isn’t being achieved by a student, then other issues may be in play.

Like Sylvan Learning Center, Learning Strategies is committed to designing personalized educational plans for children and adults of all ages. With a focus on the fundamental skills needed to overcome learning challenges, Learning Strategies helps clients reinforce their strengths and discover their learning abilities

Learning Strategies’ clients recognize that:

  • A learning struggle or disability is not a reflection of intelligence, but rather a matter of how the brain processes information.
  • Their family and, in some instances, teachers and the school are working as a team to ensure the necessary tools are available for their success.
  • Supplemental resources such as Learning Strategies are available to support their educational development.

Transform your learning challenges into learning opportunities.

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