Lynn’s Story / About Us

picLynnHello, I am Lynn Arnold, owner and proprietor of Learning Strategies. My journey in the field of education started with my own children. My daughter and son both have learning disabilities, but despite their challenges, they have since achieved academic and professional success.

I was first introduced to the term “learning disability” when my daughter began to exhibit signs of dyslexia at an early age. My husband, who is also dyslexic,  and I had her tested privately in first grade, and she was, in the words of the school psychologist, a “textbook dyslexic.”

So our quest for academic support began. Our daughter is also gifted and, as such, utilized her other senses to compensate for her reading challenges. As a result, each time I would broach the subject with her school, the faculty and administrators would explain to me that the diagnosis of a learning disability was not credible until my child reached third grade. However, it was clear she struggled with reading.

Finally, when she reached third grade, I pushed the issue again hoping she would receive the supplemental assistance she needed. My husband and I walked in to our first “staffing,” where we were met by 13 school administrators,  psychologists, sociologists, and teachers who were uncertain about how they could support our daughter. As they informed us that there was little they could do for her because she was performing “just slightly below grade level for reading,” and not eligible for services.   My frustration and disappointment grew.  It was then that I vowed I would never let this happen again to my children or to any others I could help.

I made it my mission to know more about learning disabilities than the schools, and I assumed the role of child’s advocate.  I was soon faced with my next challenge when my son started to demonstrate handwriting issues.  Again, I addressed these problems with his school , but failed to receive an appropriate response.

Fortunately, his third grade teacher, who was trained in learning disabilities, listened to my concerns. He was tested and qualified for services, but I quickly discovered the support his school provided was not going to be enough to meet his needs. He became stagnant and lost all interest in school.  I was determined, and fortunately, a person at our church who was a special education teacher,  encouraged me to seek additional help outside the district and recommended the book The Out of Sync Child, by Carol Stock Kranowitz.  Finally with private testing, we discovered he had Sensory Processing Disorder, severe dysgraphia, and he was gifted.

These results presented a new challenge: How was I to satisfy his intellectual needs and get him the assistance he needed to be successful? It was at this time that I found a center that specialized in learning disabilities. Eventually, I found myself working for them, and I quickly discovered my passion for helping individuals overcome their learning obstacles.

In the summer of 2004, I left the center, but was encouraged by a former client’s mother to continue my work  helping individuals with learning struggles.  Soon  Learning Strategies was born.

Since each student’s learning challenges are unique, Learning Strategies’ programs are customized to address an individual’s specific learning issues. My staff and I are professionally trained to provide you and/or your family the best service available, and we are committed to developing a plan that best fits the needs of our clients.

I know first hand the ups and downs that go along with this rollercoaster ride, but the results can be so gratifying. In fact, my children are true examples of success: My daughter has graduated with honors from Southern Methodist University and has embarked on her career, and my son is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, and works with me in our pursuits of helping all our clients to be the best they can be!  I couldn’t be more proud!

I feel privileged to be a resource for parents.  I also understand the investment involved in helping your child succeed, and guarantee Learning Strategies will provide your child a high-quality program for the best value.

I know what it is like to have children with learning disabilities, and  I am also acutely aware of how painful living with a learning disability can be, and thank my family for their support in my pursuits and allowing me to share our story with you.