Math Issues

Despite the many individuals who struggle with math, specific programs designed to address dyscalculia (math dyslexia) are limited. For those individuals who can’t conceptualize numbers as well as how numbers work, we use a multisensory approach to develop that core foundation. Having completed Multisensory Mathematics presented by the Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center, Learning Strategies integrates these fine strategies as well as other programs including but not limited to Touch Point Math® and Lindamood-Bell® On Cloud Nine® Math®*.

While some individuals excel with basic math skills, they can encounter difficulties when facing word problems and advanced math applications as a result of a comprehension and/or sequencing issue. Learning Strategies uses the Lindamood-Bell® Visualizing and Verbalizing Program®* to “train the brain” to think sequentially, which we call “part-to-whole thinking.” When this process is implemented, individuals typically become successful not only in math, but also in upper level sciences such as chemistry and physics.

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