Online Learning

One of our greatest successes for the past few years has been offering our services via the internet. This is not a self directed program like many on-line courses, but live interaction with one of our clinical staff using face to face instruction via web cam. We offer the same programs that we do one on one in our office still affording the multisensory approach critical to the success of our various programs.

We utilize a multisensory approach to reading, providing visual presentations, with verbal and kinesthetic reinforcement necessary for training the brain to read. There is immediate feedback both from the student and clinician because of the visual and auditory connection. Active participation by the student occurs with transfer of lesson control by the clinician to the student enabling us to experience mastery of skills being taught. Students are provided with necessary books so when reading is taking place, both are working from the same material.


Internet training for math is limited to tutoring only as the need for hands on support for dyscalculia make internet training difficult. With whiteboard capabilities, we are able to explain math procedures and have students demonstrate math skills utilizing a mouse pen and pad.

“We are a VERY busy family and live quite a way from her office. The internet therapy has been wonderful for us. My son and older children can “hook up” the computer and all the gadgets without my assistance making the process even easier for me. Being able to have weekly meetings from our home, on the computer has been a life saver.”Robin Garrett, Florida

Who is best served by internet training?

Internet training works best with individuals 5th grade thru adult. Younger children tend to have shorter attention spans and do better with direct instruction. Our successful clients are:

  • Middle school and high school students are the computer generation and tend to love the experience. They especially like not having to travel to our office giving them more time for other activities.
  • Busy families find internet training affords flexibility and an alternative to commuting to and from our office saving time and expense.
  • Families who otherwise don’t have services such as ours in their communities can now have options for alternative ways of address learning issues.
  • Adults find this a favorable approach as it provides anonymity, making their need for training known only to themselves and their clinician.

Is there special equipment needed?

All students will need a webcam and a headset with a microphone. The headset needs to cover the ears. We find that there is greater understanding of what is being said and for those with attention issues, helps to drown out distracting noise. Other equipment may be necessary depending on the program being offered and will be determined before a program commences.

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