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Reading struggles can appear as difficulty with decoding (physically reading) and/or the comprehension (understanding) of what has been read or verbally expressed. Both can have an impact on success throughout life.

“I am truly blessed to have had Lynn Arnold and her company be there to help me overcome my disability and help me to be successful in the real world.”
Jessica Layeni – Lake Mary, FL

Learning Strategies uses reading programs that are research-based and proven to be effective in managing dyslexia and other related reading challenges. We personalize a program to address each client’s specific reading struggle. The programs we use include:


Dyslexia and Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) are learning disabilities resulting in a breakdown of understanding language. Both can lead to reading deficits. CAPD can cause misunderstanding of spoken language, so the sounds of language (phonemes), the building blocks of reading, get lost and learning can be stunted by the lack of comprehension. Not understanding the sounds can lead to reading difficulties as the association of the phonemes to letters gets confused.

FastForWord is a family of computer-based programs that enhance neuro pathways resulting in more proficient brain functioning in areas that affect reading and comprehension. Neuroscience research shows the brain is plastic, and FastForWord retrains the areas in the brain that process language. Using FastForWord improves the cognitive processes of Memory, Attention, Processing Rate, and Sequencing, all essential to becoming proficient readers.

Individuals with Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) benefit from the brain training offered by FastForWord as well. With computer technology, sounds of language that are not understood can be elongated allowing the brain to process and better understand. Understanding the sounds (phonemes) of language can result in better reading. For more information please go to

The Wilson Reading System and the Lindamood-Bell© LiPS®* program

Both of these research based reading programs provide a multisensory approach to reading incorporating visual, auditory and kinesthetic inputs. Individuals using these programs will learn the rules of language for English as reading is broken down into its basic components. The same rules for reading also apply to spelling. By connecting these rules to both reading and spelling, our clients become more successful not only in reading, but communicating in written expression.

Lindamood-Bell® Visualizing and Verbalizing Program®*

The ability to image is essential to understanding language. Equally important is taking that stored information and expressing what is known and understood through writing or verbal expression. Visualizing and Verbalizing “trains the brain” utilizing imaging techniques to store critical information to memory as well as effectively express information in written or verbal applications. For students, this program provides an excellent study skill allowing for more efficient study time.

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