Helping Adult Reading Disabilities

Strategies for adults with learning disabilities to achieve success in the real world.

Adults are not immune to reading learning disabilities. In fact, some well-known, highly successful adults have lived with and overcome their reading challenges, including Albert Einstein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Sir Richard Branson to name a few.

Learning disabilities are not a reflection of your intelligence; they are a difference in how you process and understand information.

However, if these reading challenges are not addressed properly, you may experience limitations in your social and career growth. By implementing the appropriate learning strategies and workplace accommodations, you will reach your full potential.

Adult learning disabilities are developed during childhood, and the same barriers experienced in school will often create hurdles in the workplace.

Learning Strategies’ personalized programs utilize your strengths to manage your learning challenges. And our unique “brain training” techniques are specifically designed to improve your problem solving abilities, memory and attention – the fundamental skills required to manage most learning disabilities.

Let Learning Strategies help you be your best.

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