The Importance of Critical Thinking Skills

Many students are graduating from both high school and college lacking the necessary critical thinking skills needed to be successful in today’s work force.  Opinion varies as to the reason for this, but a recent study published by The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit, nonpartisan education-news outlet affiliated with Teachers College, Columbia University, reported 36 percent of students completing 4 years of college were lacking in critical thinking skills.  Examples of the thought processes showed students could not perceive clearly facts vs opinions, nor could they compare and contrast opposing information.  Their ability to convey written thoughts were ineffective at best.  Some attribute it to poor preparation by the K-12 education system, leaving students ill equipped to meet college challenges.  Still others say colleges are training specific skills for careers, but not including exposure to reading challenges and writing.

The article states that individuals pursuing degrees in liberal arts, social sciences, math and natural sciences were better equipped with these critical thinking skills.  Those in education, social work, communication and business however fared less favorably believing they may not necessarily need critical thinking and/or  written communication skills.  In our opinion, this is becoming a major problem for American business, education, and many other career fields today.  Where once thinking outside the box lead to new products and innovations, corporate America is being filled with yes men and women trained to be cogs in the machines and not build new machines of their own. We don’t take classes in literature to become librarians; we take them to become writers!

It is important that we strive to regain this focus, teaching our children the tools to become productive, successful, thinking individuals.  Learning Strategies is offering programs in both Critical Thinking and Writing Skills.  Invest in your children’s future and look into our  programs for middle school and high school students that will challenge their creative thinking process and broaden written communication skills.

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