Neuroplasticity of the Brain 

By Lynn Arnold

Over the past years, much research has been done on the brain and its ability to change itself.  Once believed that the brain was finite and couldn’t change, especially after brain trauma, that IQ is fixed, and you couldn’t improve brain performance under any circumstances, now with the ability to do brain scans and mapping, this has dramatically changed.  The brain is now seen as malleable and able to adapt when proper training is applied.

Neuroplasticity is the term used to describe how the brain can change over time. Our neuro pathways are always subject to change. This is something that continues into old age.  Ever wonder how some people are cognitively sharp into their 90’s?  They are continuing to stimulate their brains with mental exercises be it reading, doing puzzles or other cognitive activities.  Even individuals with brain injury can train their brain to work around these obstacles.  Everything we do or don’t do affects our brain’s physical makeup, and for the most part, the brain makes those adjustments when challenged.  As a result, there has been a rising trend towards focused activities that work to guide how our brains change through brain training.

There are many programs promoted as effective in changing one’s ability to process and improve cognitively.  Unfortunately, many are sold as viable self-improvement approaches that can be easily completed at home with no additional direction.  Often someone begins these programs, and they come up against a difficult task, and not having the means to get support, quickly losing interest in the program.  This doesn’t happen if one prepares and works with a program that offers coaching.

Much like working with a personal trainer, working with a brain trainer who shows proper application of the skills covered, can result in greater overall success than going alone.  Brain training is fundamentally limited to the part of the brain which is being trained.  Finding a program that is multifaceted in improving multiple areas of cognitive skills while having the necessary support to ensure success is necessary.  Working with a coach who can see where difficulties are occurring and provide guidance through challenging activities will result in effective cross training of skills and should yield greater success overall.

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