Meet the Team

Lynn and Laura understand the frustration of not getting the help you need. They crafted I Can Be My Best with you and/or your family in mind to help you navigate and overcome learning obstacles by developing a plan that best fits your needs.

Lynn Arnold


Lynn's journey into the education field began with her own children. At an early age, her daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia and her son with Sensory Processing Disorder and severe dysgraphia. Both also tested gifted, which only complicated their journey in the public school system.

This sparked a fire in Lynn. She made it her mission to learn more about learning disabilities, assuming the role of child's advocate and vowing to help others. She began working at a center that specialized in learning disabilities and discovered her passion for helping individuals overcome their learning obstacles. In the summer of 2004, she set out on her own forming Learning Strategies, LLC, and now with her new partner, Laura Calahan, starting I Can Be My Best, Inc.

Lynn has successfully worked with individuals for over 20 years. She has been a pioneer with online remedial therapies for more than 10 years. Lynn recognizes each individual's learning challenges are unique. Her personal experience has made her acutely aware of how difficult living with a learning disability can be, and she's dedicated her career to easing this burden for you and/or your family.

Laura Calahan


A certified multi-sensory literacy instructor, a former elementary educator, and an individual with dyslexia herself, Laura co-founded I Can Be My Best to help people of all ages meet their full potential.

Laura's passion for education began when she was a student working through her own challenges with dyslexia. Even though she was a high performer in the classroom, Laura had to put in extra time and effort to achieve her success. She knew her brain was wired differently, but it wasn't until she began working with Lynn, in high school, that she was able to overcome these challenges. Laura devoted her time in college to understanding the science of reading, learning differences, and effective ways to implement instruction. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Special Education with a Reading and ESOL endorsement from the University of Florida.

Laura worked in the public school system as an elementary teacher and brings with her a wealth of knowledge to share with you and/or your family. As an educator, she saw countless children slipping through the cracks. Whether it was due to time constraints or a lack of resources, awareness, and understanding, she knows people deserve more and is proud to be a co-founder of I Can Be My Best to provide just that.