When is the right time to get an Educational Psychological Evaluation?

By Lynn Arnold

The school year is upon us again and for families that have juniors or seniors with IEP’s, it is not too early to be preparing post graduate plans.  Whether your child is planning to go to college, trade school or just entering the work force, the need for accommodations doesn’t end with high school.

If your child has a specific learning disability and has an IEP or 504, you need to see when they’re last educational psychological evaluation was done.  Ed/Psych evaluations are valid for 3 years and need to be redone for a number of reasons.  One is to measure growth; are there positive changes taking place and to verify that accommodations being provided are appropriate for the disability.  Continuing in post graduate studies and or work and requiring accommodations require current evaluations as well.

If your last evaluation was completed in his/her freshman or sophomore year, the numbers will not be valid for seeking accommodations after high school.  Many schools may show reluctance in performing these tests for students who are approaching graduation, but you can request this be done and they are obligated to comply.  If you fail to have this done by the school, you will find yourself on the hook to pay for these tests as without a current evaluation, you may not get the accommodations you need.

Current testing is needed to obtain accommodations for AP exams, SAT, ACT, and PSAT testing.  Having the testing done at the end of 10th grade or early 11th grade will ensure the appropriate accommodations can be provided during the high school years and for post high school endeavors.