Program and Courses

Our Programs

I Can Be My Best is committed to assisting people of all ages in reaching their full potential. From the most gifted among us to those challenged with learning disabilities, I Can Be My Best offers programs designed to improve learning and processing skills required to be effective in school and in the work place. Our clinically proven techniques, personalized plans and supportive environment promote individual growth in children and adults. Let us help you be your best.


Language development programs proven to strengthen processing skills. 


Individualized research-based programs designed to improve reading proficiency. 

Attention & Memory

Research-based brain training proven to enhance cognitive functioning.

Our Featured Courses

I Can Be My Best courses are designed for parents and teachers who want to better understand a student’s skill set and what they can do to better assist the student in the classroom and at home. Your online experience is self-directed and supportive documents are at your disposal to reinforce the topics discussed. Sign up now for one of these valuable classes.

Individualized Education Program

An online course for parents seeking to understand how to navigate an IEP meeting.

Education Psych Evaluation

An online course for parents seeking to understand an ed-psych evaluation.

Central Auditory Processing Disorder

An online course for parents and teachers seeking to understand CAPD.